MDIndia Health Insurance TPA Pvt. Ltd.
Registration No. 005 valid till 20/03/2026
Period Of Certification : 21/03/2023 to 20/03/2026
Toll Free Customer Care No.: 1 800 209 77 77 / Toll Free Cashless No.: 1 800 209 78 00
UAN Fax No.: 1 860 233 44 49 /    Email ID: /
For Senior Citizens: 020-25300126 /    Email ID:

MDIndia Health Insurance TPA Private Limited, has a young and energetic work ethic. Well positioned in the growth sector of Healthcare Administration in India, our services are ISO 9001:2000 certified.

At MDIndia Health Insurance TPA Private Limited, you get ample prospects to learn and grow in your career. We provide a healthy work environment by providing the right blend of work and fun. Our aim is to make working at MDIndia Health Insurance TPA Private Limited an enjoyable experience. We are known for our employee-friendly culture providing a friendly work environment that stimulates innovative ideas to foster growth and value addition.

Our compensation packages are competitive and are aimed at attracting and retaining the best talent. We have all the right attributes necessary to achieve high growth rates and a HR policy that believes in sharing the growth with its team members who make it possible.

We are always looking for people with determination and a strong sense of commitment who are ready to take on the world. We are looking for people who race against time, keep their cool and enjoy their work.

We require competent professionals to enhance our work for our clients.

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