MDIndia Health Insurance TPA Private Limited
Registration No. 005 valid till 20/03/2020
Period Of Certification : 21/03/2017 to 20/03/2020
Toll Free Customer Care No.: 1 800 233 11 66 / Toll Free Cashless No.: 1 800 233 45 05
UAN Fax No.: 1 860 233 44 49 /    Email ID: /
For Senior Citizen: 020-25300126 /    Email ID:
Help on whatsapp : 8390839000

MDIndia has developed a strong network of physicians and diagnostic centers across the nation. We ensure quicker policy issuance prospective clients of Insurers who require medical check ups. MDIndia has built a state of art application to administer pre policy health check ups. The application enables the Service Provider to upload the medical reports directly on to the site and for the Insurer to view the medical reports online for quick underwriting decisions.